Thursday, February 12, 2009

February Lady Sweater Swatch

FLS Swatch
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In between large amounts of spinning, I sat down and attempted to swatch for my February Lady Sweater.

Technically I am running a KAL that started on February 1st. I had intended to knit the entire sweater in the month of February. That is, before my marathon knitting to finish the Celtic Cardigan left my fingers exhausted, hands rubbery and arms sore. Ah, well. Even the best plans don't always work out.

Part way through the swatch I started to feel a bit rubbery again, but I pushed through to the end so that I could wash it and at least have my gauge. Half the swatch is knit on the suggested size-8 needles, and the other half is on size-9s. The 9s hit gauge spot-on, both before and after washing, so provided I don't start knitting even tighter as my hands heal up, that's what I'll be using.

The yarn is Blue Moon Fiber Arts' Socks that Rock, Heavyweight. It's billed as sock yarn, but listed on their site as worsted, rather than fingering. In garter stitch it knits up as a super-smooshy fabric with lots of bounce. I adore this colorway and think it is going to be an absolutely fantastic February Lady Sweater.


Anonymous said...

With a swatch that beautiful, the sweater should be gorgeous! :)

TinkerTots said...

I sure hope so! I couldn't resist and I cast on the neck. Now I'm thinking I need somewhat more substantial buttons...

Jodie said...

Beautiful Color! What colorway is that?

TinkerTots said...

The colorway is "Puck's Mischief". I just love that name!