Monday, August 11, 2008

Diamond Fantasy Scarf

Diamond Fantasy Scarf
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I just can't resist toting stuff out into the back yard when the weather is as lovely as it has been lately. The grass is a gorgeous green and quite thick and comfy for lounging (or taking pictures). The kids love playing around and I get a bit of knitting done--or not.

My next Ravelympic project is progressing nicely. It's amazing how much knitting you can get done when you have three hours without interruption every night. I haven't actually been knitting that whole time (things like dishes and housework do interfere). But since my DH is unavailable for distraction through this Friday, I'm sure to get lots more knitting done.

I have finished the initial chart and three more repeats of the pattern. There are three more repeats to go, for a total of six repeats of the pattern in the "scarf" size of this pattern. It would be ten repeats if I were making the entire shawl, but I don't have enough yarn for that. Each repeat increases by 24 stitches, so it's hard to say when you're half done. I've never been able to calculate that sort of thing in my head and it's not worth it to break out the heavy-hitting equations when I could just sit down and knit some more.

I'm looking forward to being finished and blocking this baby this weekend!

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